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Update: Jan 26th, 2009

Mansilla Dev blog is published by me, Neil Mansilla.  I am an application developer and consultant, and my business is also called, suprisingly, Mansilla Dev.  I am a life long entrepreneur, manufacturing my first set of home-made scratch-and-sniff stickers in the 2nd grade (bartered them for a batch of ‘Martini’ stickers).  I have been coding since I was in grade school, writing my first BBS software in Apple BASIC (PR #2, IN #2) — it took one call  (beta tester, neighbor).  My first Internet startups included the rack full of beige box mid- and full-size towers, self-built with pride, prayers, and Slackware Linux.  Interconnected with 10Base-T hubs (not switches)

Since then, my littany of online startups include:  Web hosting, directories, search engines, marketing/SEO (long before that was an acronym), service monitoring, mobile app development, contract consulting and development.

I enjoy business, coding, tech,  food, and people.  Lucky for me, my work keeps me immersed in all of those things.  Even though I mostly work online, I also travel from east coast to west coast.  I’m based out of the Detroit area.  Which leads me to the purpose of this blog: to share stories and inspirations about the things that I enjoy — business, coding, tech, food and people.

The thoughts and views expressed in this blog are my own, and do not express those of the company nor of the company’s clients.

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