restart. #yay

I use a cheap inexpensive, but likable hosting company, to host this little WordPress blog. The blog that I post to, on average, three times a year. I really don’t use it a whole lot for anything.. but on occasion, it’s nice to just have something to ssh into, to pop an asset or two to share with someone. When I told a friend of mine that my virtual server got hacked again (3rd time), he said, “Why not just use EC2/S3 and be done with it?”

Great question. I was about to shut it down, and throw more cash @ AWS — but decided against it. A t2.nano instance costs $4.68 per month (running 24/7).  A static IP — another $1/mo.  Data in/out — another $2 or $3/mo. With this budget hosting service, I’m not concerned about storage and bandwidth overages. Hell, the other month I was hit with a surprise $200+ overage on AWS because of some hourly snapshot making hundreds of 10GB volumes.

The only worry I have on this budget host is when they decided to slap up a suspended page, because they’ve detected some rogue JS some script kiddy put on my server through WordPress. And hell, because of you, kiddy, I get a clean slate. Thanks.